Talks & Training Service

Debbie Hannam, our Talks and Training Officer, has a wealth of experience through her own personal journey as the mother of a young man with Autism and Epilepsy. Through her personal 'lived' experience and extensive knowledge, delivered with a jazz-hand approach, Debbie provides a unique and profound insight into the many aspects of autism to parents and professionals alike.


Our aim is to promote understanding of the difficulties faced by autistic children and adults and to enable those in a supporting role to recognise and understand the key areas of difficulty experienced by individuals on the autistic spectrum.


Debbie is a co-founder of PACT for Autism. She has continued to support PACT for Autism over many years. Debbie is also the wife of Steve Hannam (aka Danson Thunderbolt), the writer of the blog ‘Living with Luke’ and the play by the same name.

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    "I have to say it was easily the most engaging talk I have ever been to- I felt so inspired the way she spoke: it reminded me of why I want to go into teaching and even made me think about a career in SEN. I found myself telling my family, friends and anyone who would listen all the facts I learnt about Autism for the next few days and I know I’ll remember a lot of what she said permanently! I could see how it would affect my mindset in the classroom- I loved the way she made her talk so visual, using personal examples and funny stories to show its lighter side. There was no power-point read off from, just her own voice which was so captivating."

    "I just wanted to say thank you again for coming along and giving us such an interesting and informative talk. It is always so important and valuable to have a carer’s perspective on things.

The feedback from the group was very positive and I for one certainly learnt a lot and your talk made me examine the way in which I interact with our patients who have autism."


     "A massive thank you for coming on Tuesday. As always, the parents were enthused and inspired by your talk. One parent actually said she felt ‘stronger’ now and will be trying things that she hasn’t had the courage to do."