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SENDIASS - National page

Special Educational Needs and Disability Information Advice Support Service.

This is a confidential and impartial information and advice service with matters related to special educational needs, you do not need a diagnosis to access this service. 

Families in Focus

Independent Parental Support on educational issues including assessments, education health care plans and exclusions. Also provide support around applying for benefits


Schools, colleges and children's services

Detailed information for Special educational needs and disability (SEND) - Covering SEND code of practice across a range of areas - Special schools, Information for Parents relating to safe guarding, shortbreaks and transport, amongst others.


Independent Provider of Special Education Advice (known as IPSEA) IPSEA offers free and independent legally based information, advice and support to help get the right education for children and young people with all kinds of special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). There is detailed information about EHCP’s on their website. They also provide training on the SEND legal framework to parents and carers, professionals and other organisations.

Reachout ASC A range of services and resources


Offer a free independent helpline for Parents and others seeking advice with SEND

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