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Kevin Gay
Charity Manager


Kevin joined the team in August 2019 as the new charity Manager. Although taking on a new role he is not a stranger to PACT

Having been on the board of trustees for many years and fortunate to have had the opportunity to serve as Chair of the board, up to the time he took on his exciting new role.

Married to Lisa, who was a founding member of PACT for Autism in 2005, they have two children.

Kevin is the father to Callum who is now 21. Callum was diagnosed on the Autistic Spectrum when he was 5 and also has sensory processing challenges along with a learning disability.

We have since found out, through a Genome project, that Callum also has a rare genetic syndrome ADNP


Prior to working for PACT, Kevin spent 30 years working as a police officer with Essex police, finishing his career as a Police Inspector and building up 10 years of supervision and management skills and experience.


Kevin is passionate about ensuring the Autistic community has a voice and is represented in all areas. He has worked hard to renew working partnerships and connections with other service providers, charities and organisations.

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