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Kim Darby 
Information and Support officer


Kim has been linked with PACT since they first began, as family life has allowed she has worked as a volunteer and more recently as part of the employed team as the Information and Support officer.

Kim is a proud Mum to Ellie and Ewan both now young adults. Ellie has a complex Neuromuscular condition along with medical needs and Ewan is Autistic, with Sensory difficulties, task demand fear and anxiety.  Ellie is studying Fashion at University and Ewan follows his strong interests in animation, children’s television and book characters and voice acting.  


Kim’s working life, before having her children, saw her working as part of a diagnostic team in a Tertiary level child development centre, where she felt the families had the Gold standard of support by Professionals working together across all sectors of health, education, social care and mental health with families very much central as part of the team.  

She was also involved in setting up an Autism inclusion unit within mainstream schooling in Hackney and has diverse experience across special schools, working alongside therapists and within the health service.

Putting that together with her experience as a Parent and a friend means she can help make navigating the journey easier for others.

“Information and who you know is key, knowing who to reach out to and when makes life easier to navigate. Learn from everyone you meet and never think you have all the answers. Find your community and support each other”

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