National 5 yr Autism Strategy - 2021 - 2026

The autism strategy sets out how the Government plans to support autistic adults and children in England over the next five years. The strategy promises to:

  • invest £10.5 million into finding new ways to reduce autism diagnosis waiting times for children and young people

  • invest £2.5 million to improve the quality of adult diagnostic and post-diagnostic pathways and diagnosis waiting times

  • increase public understanding of autism with a long-term, nationwide initiative

  • provide £18.5 million to prevent autistic people from falling into mental health crisis and £21 million to local authorities to help those discharged from inpatient units back into the community.

  • improve understanding of autism by training education professionals, job centre staff and frontline staff in the justice system.

All the commitments total almost £75 million and represent the biggest investment in England’s autistic people ever. However, they only account for the first year of the strategy – we are expecting more for 2022-26.

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