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I am a wife to one fantastic hubby & mum of 3, wonderful and very active, primary-school-age children; our brilliant 2nd child has high-functioning autism.

I am qualified & experienced in both dental nursing and early years childcare although the last 8+ years of my life have been spent as a housewife.


We're currently "inbetween" churches and are hopeful to find a church family that we can become active members of - where our whole family is embraced, as we are.

I love sketching & acrylic painting, writing poetry, DIY & decorating, singing (used to perform), playing my keyboard, baking - especially where I can cater for a special dietary need, and a the list goes on.

I have struggled with depression, since childhood, and more recently, anxiety. I'm struggling to stay on top of things & feel quite lonely.

I'm pretty sure I have imposter syndrome but I don't want to let all the skeletons out of my closet 😅!

I hope the weather is warm and sunny, every time I wake up, because it seriously has a notable effect on my mood & enthusiasm for the day. Just call me a sunflower 🌻.

I hope, through PACT, to somehow become part of a group of people who are going through similar things in life, & hopefully crawl through this strange mental health pit, whilst navigating the intense world of autism & strangers' attitudes towards it/ our son.

Tamsin Boldick