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PACT for Autism is a charity providing support  and connection for Autistic children and individuals, neurodiverse families, couples and carers of Autistic people young and old and other Neurodivergent conditions.

We are a Neurodiverse community.

We support people with or without a diagnosis.

The charity was founded in 2012 by a group of parents who wanted to improve education, health and social care services, and provide families with opportunities to thrive within an inclusive society. Parents and lived exsperience remain at the heart of the charity.

 We provide support and information to enable all to feel empowered to achieve the best outcomes for themselves and their families.

Lived experience is at the heart of our board of Trustees, These insights and direct experiences help to shape the charity’s services, which include:

Our aim is to improve living, working, social and leisure opportunities for autistic people of all ages and their families, where all can feel included and valued .

PACT for Autism Promotional video

PACT for Autism Promotional video

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A short video showcase…

Being a parent of a child with a disability can be  isolating. At PACT for Autism, we pride ourselves on the wonderful friendships that we have formed over the years, giving us all the strength and belief to do the best we can for our children.


Here is a short video which showcases our services, to families and will give you an insight into who we are and how we support the community.

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