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Relaxed Screenings

Several cinemas in East Herts and West Essex hold Relaxed / Autism-friendly screenings. 

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What are Relaxed or Autism-Friendly Screenings?

Relaxed screenings are screenings of recently released films which have subtle changes to the cinema environment, allowing people with additional sensory needs to have a more positive experience than they would otherwise in a traditional cinema setting.

Frequently these changes include low-level lighting, reduced volume, no adverts or trailers. You can also take in your own food and drink, you are free to move around, and it is usually possible to download a social story from the website.


How can I get involved?

These screenings will not be funded or organised by PACT for Autism, so parents & carers or other attendees will need to purchase tickets either upon arrival in the cinema or by following the links provided with each screening.


You can check the Dimensions website for monthly updates on screenings across specific chain cinemas, along with social stories.

You should also visit the website of the Cinema Exhibitors’ Association, which provides a cinema pass for carers of those with additional needs. All the information can be found by visiting the Cinema Exhibitors’ Association’s website.

Please note: PACT for Autism are not directly responsible for the screenings. 

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