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  • Supporting your Neurodiverse child

    Essex Family Forum is proud to have worked with its family champions and parents from Send the Right Message Southend, Takiwatanga Support Services and professionals from across Health, Education, and Social Care to produce a pack of useful information for families with a neurodiverse child. This pack includes information about the diagnosis process, how to get support for your child at school, health and wellbeing and much more. The team have shared their own experiences and hints and tips, along with those of parents, carers and young people from across Essex, Southend and Thurrock. There are also signposts to useful books, blogs and online resources which are all tried and tested resources that the team have used and found helpful. To access the pack, please click on the image and it will take you to the EFF website where it can be downloaded. PACT also have a limited number of hardcopies of this booklet, this has been funded for families to use. Please let us know if you wish to receive one and we will get it sorted.

  • Essex SEND IASS - New Helpline Number

    The Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Information Advice and Support Services offer information, advice and support for parents and carers of children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). This service is also offered directly to young people Essex SEND IASS has a new number for their helpline: 01245 204338. The old 0333 number currently remains operational too, but will be replaced with the 01245 number, so please use our new number!

  • National 5 yr Autism Strategy - 2021 - 2026

    The autism strategy sets out how the Government plans to support autistic adults and children in England over the next five years. The strategy promises to: invest £10.5 million into finding new ways to reduce autism diagnosis waiting times for children and young people invest £2.5 million to improve the quality of adult diagnostic and post-diagnostic pathways and diagnosis waiting times increase public understanding of autism with a long-term, nationwide initiative provide £18.5 million to prevent autistic people from falling into mental health crisis and £21 million to local authorities to help those discharged from inpatient units back into the community. improve understanding of autism by training education professionals, job centre staff and frontline staff in the justice system. All the commitments total almost £75 million and represent the biggest investment in England’s autistic people ever. However, they only account for the first year of the strategy – we are expecting more for 2022-26.

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  • Kim Darby Bio | PACT For Autism

    Kim Darby Information and Support officer Kim has been linked with PACT since they first begun, as family life has allowed she has worked as a volunteer and more recently as part of the employed team as the Information and Support officer. Kim is a proud Mum to Ellie and Ewan both now young adults. Ellie has a complex Neuromuscular condition along with medical needs and Ewan is Autistic, with Sensory difficulties, task demand fear and anxiety. Ellie is studying Fashion at University and Ewan follows his strong interests in animation, children’s television and book characters and voice acting. Kim’s working life, before having her children, saw her working as part of a diagnostic team in a Tertiary level child development centre, where she felt the families had the Gold standard of support by Professionals working together across all sectors of health, education, social care and mental health with families very much central as part of the team. She was also involved in setting up an Autism inclusion unit within mainstream schooling in Hackney and has diverse experience across special schools, working alongside therapists and within the health service. ​ Putting that together with her experience as a Parent and a friend means she can help make navigating the journey easier for others. “Information and who you know is key, knowing who to reach out to and when makes life easier to navigate. Learn from everyone you meet and never think you have all the answers. Find your community and support each other”

  • Coronavirus - Front page | PACT For Autism

    Coronavirus (COVID 19) - Information ​ We are here for you and supporting you wherever we can. ​ Please see below for some the the latest guidance, useful information and activity links related to the Coronavirus situation. ​ For all our normal links to services and information please see our Practical services directory Information and Helpful Links NHS - Parental Advice Education and Training Events and Activities Visuals and Social Stories Consultation

  • Register with us | PACT For Autism

    Register with PACT Thanks for your interest in joining us. You'll be pleased to hear that joining is free and by registering using this form, you'll be receive our regular newsletters, keeping you updated with current information, and giving you access to events, days out and much more. A quick note about privacy: Anything that you submit on this form will be seen by certain members of PACT for Autism for administrative and planning duties. You can read our Privacy Policy here . ​ We will never pass your details to any other third party unless: We have your permission, or, We are required to do so by law. PACT Registration Form Title arrow&v First Name Last Name Email Address 1 Address 2 County Postcode Telephone: Town Alternate telephone: Gender arrow&v Age Range arrow&v Ethnicity arrow&v You are registering as: arrow&v Disability / Additional Need arrow&v The next section will cover details of your dependants. We use this information to plan activities that will meet the needs of as many people as we can. We encourage you to enter the details of all people that may be taking part in activities, whether they have additional needs or not.You can add up to four dependants here. By dependant, we mean children, young adults, or adults that you think might benefit from our activities. All Dependent information is optional. ​ Dependent #1 Details: Dependent 1 First Name Dependent 1 Last Name Dependent 1 Date of Birth Dependent 1 Gender arrow&v School or Employed? arrow&v Do they have a Disability or Additional Need? arrow&v Dependent 1 Ethnicity arrow&v Dependent 1 Diagnosis arrow&v Dependent #2 Details: Dependent 2 First Name Dependent 2 Last Name Dependent 2 Date of Birth Dependent 2 Gender arrow&v Dependent 2 School or Employed arrow&v Do they have a Disability or Additional Need? arrow&v Dependent 2 Ethnicity arrow&v Dependent 2 Diagnosis arrow&v Dependent #3 Details: Dependent 3 First Name Dependent 3 Last Name Dependent 3 Date of Birth Dependent 3 Gender arrow&v Dependent 3 School or Employed arrow&v Do they have a Disability or additional needs? arrow&v Dependent 3 Ethnicity arrow&v Dependent 3 Diagnosis arrow&v Dependent #4 Details: Dependent 4 First Name Dependent 4 Last Name Dependent 4 DOB Dependent 4 Gender arrow&v Dependent 4 School or Employed arrow&v Do they have a Disability or additional needs? arrow&v Dependent 4 Ethnicity arrow&v Dependent 4 Diagnosis arrow&v General Information About which topics are you happy for us to contact you? PACT Newsletter Donations Fundraising Volunteering Activities What activities do you like to do when you go out as a family? Theme Parks Water Parks Other Outdoor Activities Cinema Theatre Other How did you hear about PACT For Autism? arrow&v I confirm that I am happy to be contacted by PACT for topics that I have registered an interest in. Thats it! You're done. Thanks for taking the time to fill in this form. Click 'submit' below and we will be in touch. Submit Thanks for submitting!

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  • PACT Ball 2020 Discussion

    Please feel free to add you comments and questions for staff and other PACT Members in relation to the PACT Ball

  • PACT Ball 2020 Discussion

    Do we know what the theme will be for 2020?

  • Introducing us

    Hello, I am on here with my partner who is on the spectrum. We have been referred by his community support worker and i have already found some amazing information. Just thought i would introduce us- my partner is 27 years old diagnosed at 25. He has been Out of work for 8 years for what we didn’t know was being on the spectrum which Was first just seen as anxiety and depression. We have been together almost 10 years, and I have supported him the whole way although it’s been difficult. I am 24 and because of our unique look on life I have not quite got to where I want to be either, our life became magical on the 4th august as our daughter was born and my partner Glen is an amazing dad! We are looking to connect with other people/families As well as hopefully get my partner to be able to own his diagnosis as well as understand it To eventually get back into work. He wants to work in childcare. I hope we can connect with others to see how others lives work and how we can make our life work best for us Too. Thank you, Beth and Glen

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