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  • Thinking ahead - Family to Family Workshop (free)

    Dear Parent / Carer , I am getting in touch to let you know about a Thinking Ahead: Family-to-Family workshop for parents, and other family carers, that you may be interested in being part of. The workshop will be based on the Thinking Ahead guides which have been written to help people with learning disabilities and their families to feel more confident about planning for the future. The workshop is part of a wider programme of workshops being run by family carers who have lived experience of caring for someone with learning disabilities. Sharing ideas and information amongst families is often the most helpful tools. There is more information about the workshops and the planning guides in the attached leaflet. There are several dates that are available and if you are interested, or if you have further questions please contact :- Kevin Gay Email Thursday May 27th 2021 - 12 - 2pm Thursday June 24th 2021 - 12 - 2pm

  • Please meet Kiri from Essex Family Forum.

    Kiri Keene is the West Essex Family Champion Quadrant lead for the Essex Family Forum. Please see below for details and make contact if you have anything to share or you wish to become a Family Champion.

  • In Memory of 'Jocelyn Gladys Gobbett'

    'Deepest condolences to a special PACT family' Dear Vern and Michelle, On behalf of the Trustees, staff, and volunteers of PACT for Autism. We would like to send our condolences to you and your family on hearing that your beloved Nan, Jocelyn Gobbett has passed away. We are extremely touched to receive a donation made through Much-loved for the sum of £767.22 together with an additional donation of £100.00 in memory of your Nan. We would like to express a heartfelt ‘thank you’ to you, your family and friends who have supported our charity at this very sad time. We can assure you that the donation received will assist us greatly in continuing to support our local families and individuals. This is very much appreciated by us all. Once again, a huge thank you to you and your family for nominating PACT for Autism. With our very best wishes from all at PACT for Autism. xx

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  • Autism Support | PACT For Autism | England

    PACT FOR AUTISM PACT for Autism is a Harlow based Charity providing support for the families of autistic children, autistic adults and people with similar conditions. Our key services include our Support / Information Line, monthly meetings for parent, carer and professional support, and a variety of activities, detailed on our events calendar, including our popular autism talks and training series. Through our website you can access our various online resources. You will find useful web links sign-posting to our partner agencies, a practical services directory, an adults page as well as the re-launch of our online forum , featuring advice, tips, and support from other families. You can also sign up to our online newsletter for monthly updates about upcoming events, talks and services. Our resources section contains leisure and sports opportunities for children (and siblings), and a calendar for upcoming events. Finally you can learn more about the different ways you can support us on our Fundraising and Support page. More about PACT for Autism To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key. PACT supports autistic children, adults and families and people with other similar conditions through information and support services, activities, resources and by providing 'Understanding Autism' workshops to professionals. ​ CALL or TEXT on our support / information lines 07377 386090 07377 386093 News and Updates Thinking ahead - Family to Family Workshop (free) 32 Write a comment Please meet Kiri from Essex Family Forum. 33 Write a comment In Memory of 'Jocelyn Gladys Gobbett' 45 Write a comment 3 Help us shape the future of Health and Social Care in Essex. (Next forum meeting TBC) 82 Write a comment 4 Essex Lottery - Fundraising for PACT. 42 Write a comment 3 Essex Five year 'All Age Autism Strategy' 113 Write a comment 2 Big Thank you to Wooden Spoon 9 Write a comment 2 Proud of Harlow Award for our Volunteers 31 Write a comment 1 The Autism Act - 10 years on 52 Write a comment 1 No upcoming events at the moment

  • Kev Gay Bio | PACT For Autism

    Kevin Gay Charity Manager Kevin joined the team in August 2019 as the new charity Manager. Although taking on a new role he is not a stranger to PACT Having been on the board of trustees for many years and fortunate to have had the opportunity to serve as Chair of the board, up to the time he took on his exciting new role. Married to Lisa, who was a founding member of PACT for Autism in 2005, they have two children. Kevin is the father to Callum who is now 19. Callum was diagnosed on the Autistic Spectrum when he was 5 and also has a sensory processing condition along with learning difficulties. Prior to working for PACT, Kevin spent 30 years working as a police officer with Essex police, finishing his career as a Police Inspector and building up 10 years of supervision and management skills and experience. Kevin is passionate about ensuring the Autistic community has a voice and is represented in all areas. He has worked hard to renew working partnerships and connections with other service providers, charities and organisations.

  • Talks & Training Service | PACT For Autism

    Click on picture for more information Relaxed Screenings Several cinemas in East Herts and West Essex hold Relaxed / Autism-friendly screenings. PACT for Autism are working in partnership with who have kindly agreed to hold Autism Friendly Screenings on the first Sunday of every month at 11.00am. Likewise and hold frequent screenings of family-friendly films for you to enjoy. Cineworld Harlow Hertford Theatre Saffron Screen NEWS & PUBLICATIONS Publications 2018 Financial Statement 2019 Financial Statement

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  • Website Feedback

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  • PACT Ball 2020 Discussion

    Do we know what the theme will be for 2020?

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