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Where do I begin?

Where do I begin?

If you have concerns about the development of

your child or young person.

Begin by collecting together your own observations and concerns together with reports from nursery/school or any other people involved. Then speak with your G.P, Health visitor, Speech Therapist or other Health professional and ask them to refer your child or young person to the local Child Development Team. You can also call us at PACT on our Support line.


If your child is in education you do not need a diagnosis to get support for them, your school or nursery should be working with you to record their strengths and needs and to provide support. Please scroll down to the Education section for further information.

Click below for further information on the JADES Diagnostic pathway:

Journey of Autism Diagnosis and Early Support (JADES)


Our top websites to find a wide range of support, services and activities?


  • Local Offer - This is the local government run directory of Information about all services and local opportunities and activities for Children and young people up to 25 years with SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities).  To find your Local Offer, type your county name and Local Offer into your search engine.  Alternatively, click on one of the local links 

  • Essex Local Offer

  • Hertfordshire Local Offer

  • National Autistic Society - All the most up to date information from diagnosis through to all sorts of services and useful information from Child to Adult.

  • Short Breaks - The Short Breaks programme is open to all children and young people who are aged between 0-25 (Please note some services post 19 will require a personal budget) and have a diagnosis of Special Educational Needs and/or a Disability. Providing support and a wide range of activities.

  • Essex Short Breaks

  • Hertfordshire Short Breaks

  • Contact - A national organisation with a wealth of information supporting families of Children and young people with SEND, from benefits through to education and clothing.


  • Essex Child and Family wellbeing - Virgin care manages the Children’s Health and developmental health needs along with the family hubs/Children’s centres in Essex, the site has a wealth of information on therapy, services and ways to help your child/young person.

  • SNAP (Special needs and Parents) - An excellent easy to use resource to find activities, Parent and Professional courses/talks, and the services SNAP offers as well as an extensive local directory for Essex, aimed at families of children with SEND 0-25.

  • SPACE - a Hertfordshire based Charity supporting Parents/Carers of Children and young people on the Autistic Spectrum or a related condition

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