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We are a small charity who connect a Neurodiverse community of Parents, Carers, Autistic Individuals and families along with the wider community, organisations and services

We are based in West Essex but you can contact us from anywhere.

We Listen, Explore, Explain, Plan, Signpost & Connect you with organisations, services and others .

We link with and inform local and national services and organisations.

Our key services also include

  • Support & Information by phone and email

  • Website with links to local and national services in our directory.

  • Monthly meetings for parents and carers & Autistic adults

  • Workshops  

  • Activities

  • Mailing list – We regularly mail out information on local and national initiatives along with our booking information for workshops, meetings and activities.

  • Autism Talks & training, from a lived experience perspective.

  • There is No diagnosis required to access our services.


Throughout our website you can access our various online resources. You will find useful web links sign-posting to our partner agencies, a practical services directory, an adults page, featuring advice, tips, and support from other families and individuals. You can also sign up to our online newsletter for monthly updates about upcoming events, talks and services. Our resources section contains leisure and sports opportunities for children (and siblings).


Finally you can learn more about the different ways you can support us on our Fundraising and Support page.

More about PACT for Autism

News and Updates

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